proven potency & purity

With nanoZcbd, what you see is truly what you get. Know the exact potency and purity of every product and be assured that what’s inside actually matches the label.


gold standard quality control

With fully transparent testing results, you can be sure every Zx Craft Co product is safe, legal and consistently pure. All products are tested by an independent lab for quality, consistency, purity and potency.

Every Zx Craft Co product receives a Certificate of Analysis (COA) to verify what’s inside—and equally importantly, what’s not. This third party testing provides an active cannabinoid profile, verifying how much CBD is present and that the dosing for our products is accurate.

And, you can be sure there’s no pesticides, microbes, heavy metals or solvents in our pure CBD oil extracts, as well as no THC.

Browse Lot/Batch Numbers associated with our products. Click a Lot Number to view and download the Certificates Of Analysis (COAs) for products associated with this Lot Number. The COAs reflect third-party testing for potency and purity of contaminants.

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Quality That Makes a Difference

From seed to shelf, Zx Craft CBD applies advanced cultivation, extraction and production processes to produce the highest quality, reliable and effective product - pure, potent and proven.

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